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Dubai airshow 2005 "Emirates A.380 in action"

Dubai airshow 2005
-Exclusive: Emirates A380 VIP Tour of MSN 1!
-Exclusive: Military Power B1, B2, B52, Stealth, Eurofighter?
-Exclusive: Amazing A380 flying demonstration!
-Includes: Floor Displays Boeing, Airbus, Emirates?
-Includes: Boeing 777 WorldLiner Takeoff

Don't miss the stunning flying display and 'Exclusive' VIP tour of the Emirates A380 (MSN 2) in this DVD!

Dubai Air Show - one of the Top 5 Air Shows in the world welcomes the Super Jumbo A380 in stunning Emirates colors! Dubai offers!Dubai offers a great variety of military, commercial, and general aviation aircraft with a magnificent Static and Inside Display featuring Boeing - Airbus - Emirates - along with many other displayers! From Arabian Luxury to the last look at the record-breaking 777 World Liner (World's longest range airliner) - Dubai has it all including flybys by the B1 Lancer, B2 Spirit , B52 Stratofortress, F117 Nighthawk, Korean T50 Supersonic Trainer - Czech and Pakistani trainers, UAE F16 Block 60, USAF, Vigen, Embraer, aerial displays by the French and lots more!

See why Dubai Air Show is one of the World's top shows!
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