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Frankfurt Rhein Main 1994-2005

Frankfurt Rhein Main 1994-2005
FRANKFURT Rhein Main 1994-2005 Germany's World Mega-Airport!

-Exclusive: Rare 1994-present Airliner Action!
-Exclusive: First SuperJumbo A380 at FRA!
-Includes: Amazing Day & Night Action!
-From Western to Russian Airliners!

Follow Great German Achievements in Aviation - Follow Aviation history & the A380 - Follow AirUtopia!

AirUtopia travels to World Top 10 Mega-Airport Frankfurt and captures OVER 10 years of action! Including the FIRST A380 Airbus appearance!! From the complete fleet of Lufthansa to the other 100 airlines ranging from Russian to the complete Boeing including a rare Kazakhstan 747SP, Douglas, and Lockheed airliners! A must see for anyone interested in one of the world's most famous and top airports!

See a complete range of aircraft from the entire Airbus fleet to Boeings, Douglas, and Lockheed, RUSSIANS Tupolev, Ilyushins, Antonov and Yaks, commuters and props!

Be at one of the world's top airports for over 10 years
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