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Dubai International Airport Emirates First A.380

Dubai International Airport Emirates First A.380
, Dubai International Airport Emirates First A380

-Exclusive: First Emirates Amazing A380!
-Includes: Rare Airliners of Africa, Middle East, of the world!
-Includes: Russian, Boeing, and Airbus!
-Includes: Amazing Day & Night Action!
-Includes: Entire Emirates fleet!

See the Super Jumbo new stunning EMIRATES A380 arrival and takeoff at growing global aviation giant Dubai Int'l Airport!

Dubai - the fastest growing city with the world's only 7-Star Hotel, Tallest building in the world being built, and the world's largest airport being built. Currently boasts an airport unmatched in the aviation world with variety. With free 'Open Skies' policy - airlines from Africa, Middle East, Complete Asia (East, Central, West), Europe, and former Russian States encounter the skies of the United Arab Emirates! Follow from the mainstream fastest growing fleet in the world EMIRATES to lesser known Russian Tu 204s - Eritrean - Yemenia - and nearly 100 airliners around the world! An aviation enthusiast's dream airport!

Follow history rising in the United Arab Emirates - Follow Aviation History.
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