1944 War in Ile de France
As astonishing as it may seem, this important period in the history of the Ile de France had never yet been written in its entirety. However, between May and August 1944, the capital region quickly became an interior front, involving the 5 million inhabitants of the time. Day by day, we follow the daily military events, seen by Allied and German aviators. We follow the air combats by day and by night with the German fighter against the Allied bombing fleets. Nearly 400 aircraft were shot down in four months in the region and hundreds of airmen disappeared in the battle. We enter the staffs of Rommel and von Rundstedt at La Roche Guyon and St Germain en Laye. With the preparations for the Invasion, the Allied landing, the Ile de France gradually sank into total war. Civilians will endure the worst and pay a heavy price with thousands of victims.