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Aircraft of the Aces n°3 - Wildcat Aces of WWII

Aircraft of the Aces n°3 - Wildcat Aces of WWII
Arguably the most important piston-engined single-seat fighter design ever to see service with the US Navy and Marine Corps, the aesthetically inelegant F4F Wildcat achieved much acclaim during its bloody frontline career. Thrown into combat at Coral Sea, Midway and Guadalcanal, the handful of Wildcat units of the Navy and Marine Corps took on large numbers of fighters and bombers and came out victorious. On the European front, the Royal Navy’s Fleet Air Arm also put the fighter to effective use from escort carriers, protecting Atlantic convoys from Luftwaffe attacks.
Auteur :Barret Tillman
Editeur :Osprey
ISBN :1-85532-486-5
Langage :English
Taille :18.60x24.90cm
Nb pages :96
Intérieur :broché
Reliure :softcover
Date de parution :00/04/1995
Tarif TTC
17,99 € / $ 19.97
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16,81 € / $ 18.66
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